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Specialty Stump Grinding

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We are a owner & operated full service stump removal and mulch removal company in the metro Atlanta area. We have performed many technical stump removals close to foundations, fences, patios, driveways and sidewalks. Currently, We have performed hundreds of stump removals to date. We provide FREE ESTIMATES, are very reliable and our work is outstanding and guaranteed. We welcome the opportunity to serve you. We are with BBB and Trust Dale.

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If you’re in need of a professional stump removal company to provide you with expert stump services, call us for quick response, excellent customer service and extensive expertise in the field. Whether you need emergency service or help diagnosing a problem, you’ll find that we truly care about your property.

Contact us today to make stump service one less thing you need to worry about.

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We charge by the inch in diameter allowing you to easily determine the cost of grinding stumps as follows:

  • We have a $75. Minimum fee, for stumps measuring up to 36” in diameter anything after that is $1.25/per inch
  • Stumps measuring 36” to 48” in diameter min. fee $125.00 anything after that is $1.25/per inch
  • Stumps measuring 48” to 60” in diameter min. fee $175.00 anything after that is $1.25/per inch
  • Stumps measuring 60” to 72” in diameter min. fee $225.00 anything after that is $1.25/per inch
  • Blow over/fallen trees with root ball $25.00 per foot measured by the diameter of the root ball.
  • We also have small grinders which can get into areas most big grinders cannot.
  • Minimum charge is $125.00 which includes the first hour any additional hour after is charged at $100.00 per hour

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